Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Cair.Isid. 104

14 x 25

JE57365; SR2590

Division of Inherited Property

(Nov. 20th, 296 A.D.)

The parties to the agreement are Chaeremon, son of Ptolemaeus and TaŽsis, and his nieces TaŽsion and Kyrillous, daughters of Chaeremon's deceased brother Kopres. The latter, since they are minors, are represented in this transaction by their maternal uncle Ammonius, who is also their guardian. When Kopres died in 283/4, probably intestate, his brother Chaeremon took possession of two arouras of grain land and cultivated them for the following thirteen years with full responsibility for all taxes and other dues. Now in 296, in response to demands made by his nieces, he surrenders to them both arouras with the right to hold and cultivate them on the same terms for another thirteen years. At the conclusion of this period, i.e. in 309/310 A.D., Chaeremon will take one of the arouras and his nieces the other.






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