Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Cair.Isid. 124

11 x 25

JE57366; SR2591

Report to a Strategos

(Aug. 22nd(?), 298 A.D.)

A report from Aurelius Sarapion, an asistant in the office of the strategos Aurelius Heron, to his principal. From Isid.65 we know that Isidorus, son of Ptolemaeus, filed a request with the strategos on August 20th, 298 A.D., that his assistant be sent to Karanis to inspect certain crops which had been destroyed by fire. Isidorus suspected arson and wished to have his complaint certified even though the culprits had not yet been identified. In compliance with his request, Sarapion was sent to Karanis, and he now informs the strategos that the facts are as stated by Isidorus.






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