Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Cair.Isid. 126

15.5 x 22

JE57102; SR2581

Letter to a Praepositus Pagi

(308/309 A.D.)

Heraclides, praepositus of the fifth pagus of the Arsinoite nome, writes to the praepositus of another pagus, reminding him of an imperial constitution which requires all strangers found to be residing in the villages, to be handed over to the fiscus, and establishes a reward of five folles for each person so surrendered. Since the village of Karanis has complained to Heraclides that some of its villagers are now in the pagus administered by his colleague, he requests the latter to compel the villages subject to his authority to give up any fugitives who are shown to belong to Karanis. In conclusion, Heraclides offers to cooperate in carrying out the terms of the law by returning any fugitives from his colleagues's pagus who may be found in his own.






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