Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Cair.Masp. 1 67096

31.3 x 19.5

CG67096; JE40868; SR2401


(AD 573)

Donation inter vivos of a building not yet constructed, and of a sum of two nomismata. The monk Psates, the donor, lives in the diakonia of the convent of Apa Apollos: the founder of this convent is Apollos, son of Dioscoros, and father of Dioscoros, the protocometes of Aphrodito. We should not think, despite the closeness of the places, of the monastery of Apa Apollos at Baouit: the founder of this probably lived in the 4th century and was, according to the Synaxary, born at Panopolis to a father called Amani (Ammonios?). Psaios has already received, in return for a security paid into the hands of Phoibammon, previously the steward of the convent, the right to have at his disposal a building - kellion - situated on the grounds of the diakonia. He now intends to enlarge it, or to build a new one next to it, to found a xenodocheion, a hospice, destined to receive foreign monks who arrive at the convent. Permission was granted him after a few difficulties, and he undertakes to bequeath this new building to the community while restoring the old one, and not to ask for the security, paid earlier, back. Belongs to the archive of Dioscoros.






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