Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Cair.Masp. 3 67316 recto

53.2 x 29.6

CG67316; JE40467; SR2321


(VIth Century AD)

On the recto, five lines of large writing, reproducing a protocol similar to those which have appeared earlier, notably 67151. It is however less stylised, and therefore more legible, and would function as a valuable aid to the decipherment of such scripts, if only it were not in such a hopeless state of conservation. It consists of several small fragments, which could be re-arranged thanks to the verso. Belongs to the archive of Dioscoros.






72 dpi image (colour)
150 dpi image (colour)
300 dpi image (colour)

72 dpi image (b/w)
150 dpi image (b/w)
300 dpi image (b/w)

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