Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Cair.Zen. 1 59013

17 x 13.5

CG59013; JE48462

Porterage account

(259 B.C.)

The articles mentioned in this account, including the marginal list, comprise practically all the goods imported by Herakleides for Apollonios with a few additional things. The phoretron was probably the charge for porterage between the Mareotic harbour and the store-house in Alexandria rather than that at the ports where the cargo was picked up. The few objects not mentioned in the timÍsis appear to have paid no duty at the Customs; but several of them may have counted as ship's furniture, while the others were of small value. Crosses opposite the entries in the left margin of the main account show that the list has been checked over.






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