Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Cair.Zen. 3 59351

7 x 35

CG59351; JE48799; SR0497

Petition from Zenon to the king

(About 243 BC)

Zenon complains about a certain Herakleides to whom he had given 400 drachmae in gold to pay to the Treasury on his behalf 400 drachmae in copper, on condition that when Herakleides received the copper he would repay the gold. But though Zenon had been offering him the copper and demanding repayment of the gold, Herakleides had put him off up to the present. Zenon therefore asks the king to order Agenor the strategos to summon Herakleides and compel him to fulfil his bargain.






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