Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Cair.Zen. 3 59375

20 x 9.5 and 20 x 23

CG59375; JE48902; SR0520

Letter from Addaios to Zenon


Addaios, an agent of Apollonios at Memphis, writes to Zenon on various matters: first he speaks about a fatted fowl which Zenon had asked for. Next he complains that the tax-farmers or toll-collectors had confiscated some wine which he had been selling and that they refused to give it back in spite of the intercession of Apollonios, brother of Pythangelos; and he asks Zenon to intercede himself with the higher authorities. He then asks for an order to be sent, perhaps about the delivery of a certain article, and he begs Zenon not to forget to have purchases made for him of some other material of which he is running short.






72 dpi image (colour)
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300 dpi image (colour)

72 dpi image (b/w)
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