Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Cair.Zen. 3 59484

40 x 16.5

CG59484; JE49013

Letter from Pais to Zenon


Pais the carpet-weaver had already presented to Zenon a denunciation of his fellow-workman Nechthembes and now adds some proofs of his knavery. The carpet weighed yesterday had been damped to make it heavier, and it has turned out to be under the proper weight; he has also curtailed the length and breadth of the carpets, so that they are too small for a couch; and when they were to be weighed, he put some additional material into the scale; for all which things he deserves to have his hands cut off. Morteover he has corrupted the other weavers; and, if Zenon will allow the test, Pais with the same material will make sixteen carpets to their fourteen. When Nechthembes heard of the denunciation, he atempted to run away, but Pais arrested him and sent him to prison. And these facts he has disclosed to prevent Zenon being cheated and for his own greater credit.






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