Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Cair.Zen. 3 59492

17.5 x 14.5

CG59492; JE49022

Letter from Paosis to Zenon


Paosis, who had been put under Zenon's protection by his father Horos, one of Apollonios' sailors, complains that Herakleides, headman of the Philadelphian estate, has put him in prison for the purpose of exacting a hundred drachmae from him. But he has no property except a donkey and some sheep which Horos left in his charge. So he begs Zenon to release him until he can communicate with Horos, who will petition Apollonios on his behalf.






72 dpi image (colour)
150 dpi image (colour)
300 dpi image (colour)

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