Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Cair.Zen. 4 59723

33 x 32

CG59723; JE51628; SR0362

Account concerning hay-land


Part of a large document dealing with corn-land as well as hay-land. The section concerning the hay-crop has been cut off, and above the first line are vestiges of figures belonging to the preceding section. Out of a parcel of 1,355 3/4 arouras 1000 had been reserved for the Crown according to the terms of the lease, i.e. their estimated produce amounting to 1,200,000 sheaves was to be delivered to the Crown at the fixed price of 66 2/3 drachmae per 10,000 sheaves. As for the remaining 355 3/4 arouras, the farmers were free to sell the hay privately, if they could thus obtain a better pricee, but the money received would have to be deposited in the bank until they had bought sufficient barley to pay their rent in kind; if however they preferred to deliver the crop to the Crown, the Crown would accept it at the lower rate of 58 1/3 drachmae per 1000 sheaves. The final paragraph adds that it has been agreed that the prices payable by the Crown shall be increased by one half in the case of the 1000 arouras and by five sevenths in the case of the 355 3/4, so that in both cases the rate would become 100 drachmae.






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