Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Fay. 319

13.1 x 6.2


Copies of various documents

(Late second century A.D.)

Copies of various documents; the first, which is headed antigraphon dikai˘maton epikrise˘s is an application from Thermouthion, the descendant of a katoikos, for the epikrisis of her son, whose birth was returned in the eighteenth year of Hadrian; the second is a copy of a kat' oikian apographŕ addressed to Heirax, strategus, and Ti[magenes, basilikos grammateus], in A.D. 161-2; the third is a copy of a kat' oikian anti(graphon) Souchamm˘nos, so probably all of the documents concerned him.






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