Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Hib. 1 81

28.8 x 25.8

Official Correspondence concerning Cleruchs

(238 (237) BC)

This papyrus, along with P.Hibeh.I.082, belong to the correspondence of Asclepiades, an official of some importance in the Arsinoite nome in the 9th year (of Euergetes). This papyrus contains a series of letters from Artemidorus, giving information of the death of certain cavalry soldiers, and directing that possession of their holdings should be resumed by the government. The language of Artemidorus plainly implies that the reversion of such to the State at their owner's death was the usual course at this period. That fact was not before definitely ascertained, though it had been inferred from the apparent inability of cleruchs to dispose of their holdings by will.






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