Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Oxy. 12 1452

18.8 x 8.8


Two epicrisis-returns

(A.D. 127-8)

These two epicrisis-returns concern a Graeco-Egyptian boy of thirteen called Sarapion, both sent simultaneously by his uncle to the strategus, basilicogrammateus and other officials. The first is a claim for the admission of Sarapion to the class of inhabitants of the metropolis paying 12 drachmae for poll-tax. The second is a different claim for his admission to the privileged class of hoi ek tou gumnasiou. Both returns break off just before the point where the parallel documents give the ancestry on the mother's side, but since Sarapion's parents were full brother and sister, no separate statement on his ancestry on the mother's side is required, and it is probable that practically nothing is lost in either return, except the customary oath, signature and date.






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