Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Oxy. 13 1625

32.5 x 25


Aeschines, In Ctesiphontem

(2nd century)

This fragment of a roll consists of three incomplete columns and a few letters from a fourth, covering 14-27 of Aeschines' oration against Ctesiphon, written in a clear cursive hand of the 2nd century, probably not later than the reign of Hadrian or Antoninus, to which a document found with the present fragment belongs. There were 51 or 52 lines in a column, and 24-30 letters per line. Iota adscript was regularly written, and elision generally avoided. Punctuation was effected by paragraphi and high stops. Diaereses are sometimes placed after initial iota and ypsilon; accents, breathings and marks of quantity are rare. That the syllable inserted above the line in l. 53 is in a different hand is not quite certain, and a still greater doubt attaches to the supposed distinction of hands in l. 21.





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