Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Oxy. 8 1087

24.3 x 17.1


Scholia on Iliad vii

(Late 1st century B.C.)

The text belongs like P.Oxy. VIII 1086 to an elaborate Homeric commentary, but one of a rather different order. 1086 is the product of the school of Aristarchus, while 1087 shows but the slightest traces of the Aristarchean tradition. No references occur to the sÍmeia; and it is significant that one of the citations from Homer contains a reading of Aristophanes and Zenodotus. Another feature of these scholia is a tendency to learned disquisition. A large part of the two more or less complete columns is occupied by a list of 'paronymous' words, illustrated by citations and references. The writer adduces several forms for which there is no other testimony, and he commonly supports his instances by stating where they were to be found, thereby adding to the fragments of a number of Greek authors.





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